The Logical writing solution

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العربية This button links to the Swanneck Twitter account The Swan neck logo which is the logo for the swanneck pen range The R mark The Swanneck pen in new colors as follow; silver, green, blue, red and purple Suitable for left and right-handers of all ages around the world, easy to use & avoids wrist pain

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Innovation for the 21st century

Swanneck Ltd will be exhibiting at the Stationery show London business centre in April 23-24 2013. in Stationery week. They will be exhibiting their innovating Swanneck Pen range on stand C830.  Swanneck Pens are available in bright and fun colours and finishes.

Launching at the Stationery Show 2013, Swanneck Pens with Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology for Educational and Healthcare Sector.

“Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is the trusted brand for combating the growth of bacteria worldwide. Used extensively in the healthcare & medical and Food hygiene markets Biomaster is proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% and is a safe, effective and permanent solution for reducing the risk of cross infection lasting the lifetime of the pen.”

Swanneck pens the logical Solution For All Your Writing Needs

The “swanneck” logic pen brings a logical solution to the worlds writing needs whatever language you write, ‘left to right’ as in English, ‘right to left’ as in Arabic text, ‘top to bottom’ like Chinese and Japanese. Left-handed or right handed.

The writer is able to clearly see what they are writing without obscuring their written text or Letters – especially beneficial when a child is learning to write.

Many children learning to write find themselves embarrassed and discouraged - just at a time when they need all the confidence they can get.
That's because there are two main problems that make writing especially difficult:
Writers often find themselves forced to tilt the paper at all kinds of awkward angles - contributing to illegible 'sloping' styles, calluses, even muscular pain.
The “Swanneck” pen is the logical writing solution.
The” Swanneck” Pens represent a revolution in ballpoint pen design that's not only ergonomic, it looks great too.
All models in the “Swanneck” Pen” range features a unique, S-bend neck and grip area. The writer can to hold the pen comfortably at a balanced angle and easily view all letters and words as they are written.
• Avoid smudged presentations!
• Avoid wrist pain!
• Suitable for left and right-handers of all ages and children with special needs
Extensive trials show that our easy-to-hold “Swanneck” pen “profile generates nothing but a positive response, both from children and older writers who've long been frustrated by conventional standard pens.
Our smart “Swanneck” Pens” are an elegantly simple solution to the worlds writing needs that ultimately affects billions of people. Worldwide whatever your nationality, language or written text
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Patented and design registered community design 00835996-001, USA design reg no D603896, UAE 225/2008 SAUDI ARABIA design no 995 app no 408290135 world patent and design application applied.
“Swanneck” is a trademark of Swanneck Ltd.

Swanneck Ltd is a London Based company with offices in the Middle East. We have designed an innovating Stationery Product for the 21st Century ideal for children when learning to write at school and elegant and ergonomic for our adult writers.